Expectations of behaviour

During our staff development day to kick off term 2, one of the discussions was based around some of the behaviours we had experienced with students from K-6. We asked ourselves the question of what might have been the main causes or contributors to these behaviours and how can we move forward in a positive way where students learn about the culture of our school. As a staff, it was important that we reviewed how the PBS4L framework has gone so far and how we can ‘develop further consistency around teacher expectations’ to assist in reducing ‘incidents or intensity of incidents’ throughout the school community.

The question is, how do we distinguish and establish what each staff member believes to be a minor or major issue within our school community and how might we deal with these issues which arise?

The key to success in these circumstances means that ALL staff members need to have consistent expectations of behaviours at all times and the way in which we may deal with certain situations.

I think about the students at the school in which I teach and some of the expectations around behaviour. Why is it that the concept of how to act or behave appropriately is harder for some students to grasp? It is important as educators to remember that every student throughout the school have each come from different experiences, various cultural and family values, expectations and prior knowledge of how to act and behave. It is virtually impossible to control how students act outside of school, although as teachers it is essential to ensure that we are prompting, redirecting, teaching and providing students with the chance to make the correct choices at school and hopefully further apply this outside of the school environment.

As mentioned above, PBS4L (positive behaviour support for learning) was something that was looked at during our staff development day to “ensure a consistent school wide positive approach to behaviour management.” We have put our ideas together and created a matrix, which provides examples of our school key values (respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment). This matrix displays how these key values will be demonstrated through our students and has been unpacked with not only the staff but with the students themselves so that they are made aware of the expectations which will then form the culture of our school community.

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